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Say goodbye to orange peel skin with exercise, food and a cellulite massage in Marbella

Cellulite, or orange peel skin, is one of the worst nightmares for women, especially when summer comes and we have to expose our skin. We wear light clothes and it’s only then, that we try to do everything in our hands to reduce it as fast as possible.

This summer don’t let it for the last minute and show a perfect body at the beach starting now. We’ve just commenced a new year, full of new purposes and removed energies. After Christmas, season full of copious meals that will be later appreciated in our bodies, is the best moment to start.

Put on your sport shoes, do the shopping list and book an appointment for a cellulite massage in Marbella at Milkandroses. If cellulite has already appeared, this is the moment to say goodbye. Are you ready?

First step: an effective cellulite massage

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a professional masseur for a good cellulite massage in Marbella, but you’re lucky. At Milkandroses our masseurs will do a draining and slimming massage to eliminate fat in the affected zones. How? With specific movements they will direct fat to the lymphatic glands to eliminate it.

This type of massage can be applied in all body, from legs and buttocks, where it normally appears, to arms and thorax. Results can be seen after a few treatments, depending of the type of cellulite. At Milkandroses our masseurs will study your case to determine the best treatment. If you’re looking for a cellulite massage in Marbella, book an appointment with us.

Second step: cellulite massage with an effective cream

You can find multiple brands promising overambitious results or even results that can be seen from the first day. However promises and results do not come together in many cases.

That is the reason we, at Milkandroses, are in a continuous search for the best cellulite creams and treatments. In our pursuit, we have found the ones with the best results:

Cold Plasma Body of Perricone MD: effective body cream minimizing cellulite in arms, legs and buttocks guaranteed as one of the most used brands by celebrities.

Celucombat of Ami Iyök: a cellulite cream of organic formulation that dilutes adipose fat nodules. Thanks to the biotechnological active ‘Tens Up’, you’ll tighten your skin creating an immediate lifting.

Shrink To Fit of Mama Mio: removes fat cells and toxins, increasing blood circulation. Acknowledged as the best cellulite cream by magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan UK.

 Against cellulite, food is essential

One of the main factors of the accumulation of fats and liquids in the hypo dermis can be found in your diet. To prevent the apparition of cellulite, there are some foods and drinks you should avoid. Alcohol is one of them. It’s recommended a moderate consumption and to choose the ones with low sugar levels.

Coffee, and all drinks with caffeine, together with soft drinks and artificial juices also contribute to the appearance of cellulite. The high levels of caffeine, sugar and corn syrup place these drinks on the first positions of our prohibited list.

Of course, in our list we cannot forget processed aliments and fast food. Even if they result appetizing for some people, their high caloric level and fat concentration should make their intake a sporadic occurrence.

But not everything is prohibited, the Mediterranean diet offers a wide range of products you can habitually ingest; they will help to eliminate cellulite as well as providing a healthier lifestyle.

We recommend:

  • Eat lots of fruits, especially in the central hours of the day when we tend to snack on something, either mornings or afternoons. Among all fruits, strawberries, pineapples and grapefruits have the highest vitamin C levels, together with kiwis.
  • Eat more veggies and greens. We recommend onions −one of the best natural diuretics− and aubergines −they help to eliminate liquids and its high potassium concentration stimulates the lymphatic drainage.
  • Include in your diet the vegetables with green leaves on a regular basis; they are excellent diuretics and anti-inflammatories.
  • Drink 1,5L or 2L of water everyday, you can change part of it with natural fruit juices or infusions, even better if they have a diuretic effect.

Last step: daily exercise

All specialists agree that physical exercise is one of the best methods to eliminate fat without recurring to surgery or more aggressive techniques. It’s recommended to exercise five times a week; during the week you can go the gym or do your favourite sport, and the weekends you can take strolls, cycle or swim.

All movements that work muscles and facilitate circulation will help to tone up your skin and improve blood circulation; however you should concentrate to exercise the problematic zones. Some of the most recommended are squats or going up and down the stairs.

We hope our recommendations will help to eliminate cellulite. Milkandroses team is at your disposal to assist you in all you need. Good luck and go for it!




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