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Runners´ pedicures in Marbella


Keep your body and feet in shape

Have you joined the amongst all passion for running yet? Since a few years ago this sport has become a life style that keeps gaining followers each day. We find people running everywhere: in the parks, on the beaches, streets and the promenade. As a result, more people are signing up to run the various marathons, half-marathons and urban races.

Whether it be an exercise to keep fit or a sport practiced professionally, the main tool is your feet, therefore they should be specially taken care of and paid particular attention to. Milkandroses we know exactly how it is done, catering massively to the feet with our runners´ pedicures in Marbella. We will take care of your feet and you just keep running and don’t let your excuses get in the way!

Grown-in nails, muscular pains, blisters hardening or chipping of nails are just a few of the most common feet related headaches. Another frequent problem of runners is the bruising and darkening of nails due to constant pressure from running shoes.

Some of these ailments can be easily avoided by taking systematic care of your feet given that prevention is the best cure. The best way to help you daily reach your sport´s goals is with runners’ pedicures. In Marbella and in Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa you can find them at any day and time of your preference.

This treatment prepares your feet for future training, repairs the existing damage and keeps your runner´s feet in perfect conditions. The key is to take care of the nails and moisturize the skin.

We perform any cutting technique on the nails and treat the cuticle. We also perform a specific massage to loosen the muscles and calm the pain caused by constant tension and pressure put on the muscular area. During the massage the feet are thoroughly moisturized. More and more hydration! This is absolutely crucial!

Getting rid of dead skin is also extremely important to prevent bacteria and infections which are unlikely to be visible but are very likely to appear due to improper care being taken of your feet.

Our runners´ pedicures are done with semi-permanent nail polish so you do not have to worry out the chipping or eventual dullness. Healthy and beautiful feel for longer! No more excuses not to be gorgeous at all times!

Prevent possible injuries and always remember that you should start keeping fit from the very bottom – your feet! Get to know the power of runners´ pedicures in Marbella and keep fit!


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