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Revive your hair at your hair salon in Marbella after summer

Summer ended some weeks ago and now, with the calm and routine that autumn brings forth, it’s the moment to take care of us and compensate summer’s excesses. And we are not only talking of food and sport, the most common excesses, but the ones related to your hair’s health. As our expert hairdressers in Marbella would say, is time to revive you hair.

Factors such as sun, wind, chlorine from the swimming pools and sea salt, but also an irregular alimentation, haste and tiredness takes its toll on your hair. How? Making it lose its natural shine, making it drier, with split and damaged ends and even with a straw-coloured tonality far from its natural tone or the one we apply at the hairdressers… But keep your calm, it can be easily solved, you only need to book an appointment at your hair salon in Marbella and let yourself in the hands of trusted hairdressers.

Hydration, nourishment and shine, keys for a healthy hair

A healthy hair is beautiful, it shines under the sunlight and it has movement and volume without becoming frizzy. It’s the hair to attract everyone’s look

After summer, it seems difficult to recover your hair’s health but it is possible with some work and the necessary cares. Our expert’s hairdressers in Marbella affirm that the secret lies on the hair’s shine, nutrition and hydration but how can we do it? They told us the key steps:

  1. Phone your hair salon in Marbella and book an appointment with your stylist. This is the first step to follow. Your hairdresser will make a diagnostic of your hair’s health and advice you on the steps to follow to revive your hair.
  2. Hydrate your hair. Dehydration is the most common problem after summer. It is mainly due to hereditary factors, but this problem is accused by stress, aging and sun exposition – among other external factors –. To start, we propose a shock treatment to close the hair’s cuticle and to reduce porosity, this way it will look less frizzy and more soft and silky to the touch. The treatment Elastic Keratin Gingseng of Trendy ICON is the perfect solution; it adds elasticity and natural hydration, revitalizing it at the same time. At home, you can use this brand’s shampoo and mask to maintain the hydration.
  3. Cut the ends or go for a radical haircut. Obviously if we cut more of our hair we will be helping it, but if you don’t want to change your look, you’ll have to at least trim it help it recover.
  4. Nourish the scalp and hair. In summer we shampoo our hair more frequently and it looses its natural and necessary oils. The treatment of proteins and amino acids is perfect to help recuperate the internal fiber of your hair. At home you can use a nourishing mask to maintain it. If you have thin hair use the Masque Fleurs de Jasmin of Leonor Greyl, its richness in amino acids, proteins and vegetal oils will nourish, detangle and regenerate thin hair. If your hair is dry and frizzy, Masque à l’Orchidée is the perfect home treatment.
  5. Recover your tone with a colour rinse or ammonia free hair colour. It’s the best option to eliminate the straw-colour that stays after summer and it doesn’t unnecessarily damage your hair. Our hairdressers in Marbella always recommend lighter tonalities to soften facial features and it will look good in winter as we loose the tan.
  6. Eat foods rich in H and B5 vitamins. What we eat influences the hair’s health; cereals, royal jelly or wheat germ are perfect to lessen hair loss and at the same time they’ll help to improve your hair’s shine. Soya and animal proteins provide keratin to fortify your hair.

The keys to revive your hair this autumn are in your hands but you’d have to forget the rush and the stress of work for a second and take a break to take care of your hair and to revive your hair’s beauty. Where? Without any doubt, at Milkandroses, your trusted hair salon in Marbella.




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