7 April, 2015
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The Perricone diet, rejuvenate your skin while you lose weight

Can you imagine a diet that allows you to look younger and at the same time to get thinner? With this method it is now possible, and you have it your disposal at Milk&roses in Marbella.

In the introduction of this article, we have mentioned the famous diet of the doctor Perricone, a renowned American dermatologist that is all the rage among celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes and even Letizia Ortiz, Spain’s Queen. It is not for granted that it has been considered the diet of the year for 2015, and that it manages to increase its adepts each passing day.

The most striking point of the alimentary guidelines promoted by Dr. Perricone is that this diet is not configured to lose weight, instead it searches to stop the inflammation and oxidation of cells and, all in all, to improve our skin’s state. However, these who have tried this method have accomplished to lose weight while rejuvenating their skin. Fabulous, isn’t it?

This result is due to the fact that the main purpose of Dr. Perricone is none other than the care of the skin and, more concretely, to stop the apparition of wrinkles and to recover the elasticity of our visage and body. His conscious investigation in this area has allowed him to be considered the best clinical dermatologist, developer of his own personal line of cosmetic products or “cosmeceuticals” for skin care, as well as alimentary supplements that, combined with its diet, will make your skin young and radiant and without miracle methods! The key of his success is to take care of our body inside as well as outside.


In what is based the diet of Dr. Perricone?

Dr. Perricone has two dietetic plans, a flash diet of 3 days which seeks to increase the luminosity of your visage and a second one of 28 days. Both plans are based in a diet consisting of five meals a day; the meals incorporate and combine four major food groups 100% organic: high quality proteins, carbohydrates and fibre, essential greasy acids and antioxidant vitamins. The incorporation of these groups together with the correct use of his line of cosmetics and alimentary supplements, will allow us have our dream figure while making our skin glow.

If you also want to follow the Perricone diet, come to Milk&roses where we will provide you with a personalized plan and our guidance as well as all the necessary products.

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