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WelleCo’s Super Elixir at Milk&roses, the first one to bring it to Spain.
17 February, 2016
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4 March, 2016
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INDIBA treatments in Marbella


Act from within for deep beauty

Anti-ageing miracles do not exist, but when we talk about INDIBA, and of the latest high-technology equipment of radiofrequency, we start to question all our previous beliefs in the cosmetic world.

With most than 30 years of work, this brand guarantees the success of facial and body treatments through the Proionic System. This system acts from the inside, mobilizing and reorienting the cells’ electric charges to obtain an optimum balance. That’s to say, we can provide more oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Cells from the tissues treated with INDIBA will recover their functionality; you will obtain as a result, a tightened, oxygenated and nourished skin at the same time the accumulated fat will progressively disappear. You will achieve the adequate microcirculation and, in general, you will see how your skin rejuvenates.

Knowledgeable of INDIBA’s efficacy, at Milk&roses we now offer the most complete treatments with this cutting-edge equipment and from the hands of our expert specialists. This leading technology complements our different treatments and from today onwards forms part of our equipment selection.

What can I obtain with this technique?

With the ability of our expert hands, as well as the right application of the technique and the latest model of INDIBA, we will obtain visible results since the first session. Among the various results, it:

–       Reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

–       Improves the appearance of the eye contour, eye bags and dark circle that appear beneath the eyes.

–       Provides a firming, lifting and rejuvenation effect.

–       Redefines facial contour.

–       Increments the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

–       Helps lift the breast area.

–       Shapes your body.

–       Reduces cellulite.

–       Has a draining effect.

A good treatment with INDIBA in Marbella

INDIBA provides powerful results that can be applied with different treatments and in different areas. It’s worth mentioning that all treatments applied using this system are non-invasive and painless, they are harmless whether the treated area.

You have now at your hand’s reach the best facial treatment with INDIBA in Marbella. It will help you reduce eye bags and double chin, it also helps to fight against skin ageing and it can be applied on neck and décolleté to avoid losing smoothness. Furthermore, INDIBA stimulates collagen and elastin production.

In our beauty centre we can achieve breast lifting, reduce flabby arms, improve the area of the abdomen as well as saddle bags and buttocks; it also helps you fight against one of the most feared problems, cellulite.

It can be used as hair treatment, to boots hair growth. After 3 months of treatment, your scalp will show visible results.

INDIBA, cutting-edge technology

This brand has three different equipment of radiofrequency. The latest model, INDIBA ER45 differentiates from the others in the speed of application for facial, body and hair treatments. It’s a brand new technology in regards of radiofrequency, and you can enjoy its benefits from today in our beauty centre.

At Milk&roses we always are searching for the best technology to offer you the most complete service. Make an appointment in our beauty centre for your treatment with INDIBA and we will plan a customized treatment according to your needs.

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