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26 September, 2017
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Ice blonde, the latest trend in Marbella this autumn

Ice blonde is the craze right now, and if you add a modern twist with a short or collarbone cut, the result is amazing. It’s one of the preferred styles this season, though it’s not adequate for all hair types; for a natural ice blonde that doesn’t seem as a simple bleaching, the best option is to start from a natural blonde, ash blond or light brown bases.

Ice blonde is one of the most sought colourings at Marbella’s hairdressers this season. Maybe this risked colouring is so popular due to the city’s cosmopolitan feel, where you find tourist and inhabitants of all nationalities that have contributed to make ice blonde to be so in demand.

“It’s a modern look, super blonde, that goes well with a light base and, though it may not seem so, the result is very natural” states our colouring specialist at our salon Milkandroses, where they make possible an ice blonde without the dye effect. In this case, the secret is to start from a blond or light brown hair to avoid bleaching; on the other hand, they combine highlights though sometimes it’s also necessary to apply colour on the roots.

The latest celebrity hair trend

As always, new hairstyles start to be known when A-listers or the it-girls of the moment try them. This is the case of Blanca Suarez, Cara Delevingne or Jennifer Lawrence; since the moment they flaunted their ice blonde in their instagram accounts or in fashion magazines, the requests for this style have only grown at our hair salon in Marbella.

What if I’m not blonde? Go for a wild ice blonde

Blanca Suárez, a good example that ice blonde is in fashion also among brunettes. In the case of a darker colour base, we’ll have to opt for bleaching to obtain the desired result and we shouldn’t forget that in a few weeks the roots can start to show. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to rush to the hairdressers if you don’t want, letting the roots visible is also a tendency in colouring for a wild and sexy look.

When shouldn’t you opt for ice blonde?

Although we don’t want to stand in the way of fashion, our hairdressers in Marbella emphasize that this look is not for all women. As we stated at first, it’s perfect for those whose base colour is light or light brown, otherwise we have to bleach it to obtain the desired effect. If you have thin or brittle hair, it’s not recommended as bleaching can excessively damage your hair because don’t forget, it’s an aggressive treatment.

On the other hand, if you skin tone is dark, maybe ice blonde doesn’t suits you the best and you should opt for an intermediate colour.

Be it one way or another, what it is clear is that if you want a change, you have to put yourself in the hands of a professional and trusted hairdresser and follow their recommendations, especially for a radical change. As always, at Milkandroses you’ll find your trusted hairdresser. Can we help you?










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