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Hair lifting, take a few years off by changing your haircut, colouring and hairstyle

We are sure that after a haircut, a change of hairstyle or a change in your hair colour people mentioned you seemed younger. Hair has always been a method to look younger, our grandmothers knew so did our mothers; in the past women used to pull up the hair of the temples and tie it up for a lifting effect, so the age lines seemed less visible. But be at ease, with the new hair tendencies, the haircuts recommended by your stylist and the new colouring methods, to look younger in the 40’s is easier.

This is known as hair lifting, and contrary to other techniques it does not involve operating rooms or magical solutions; you only need a few hours and a trusted hairdresser. In Marbella you already have one, what are you waiting for?

What happens to my hair after the 40’s?

Each day people loose from 20 to 100 hairs – in autumn even more- but they get replaced naturally. In fact, we renew all hair in about six months, but most women start getting thinner hair from the 40’s on, with the subsequent loss of volume.

Years do not pass unnoticed and aging also comes to our hair. Metabolic changes, mainly during the menopause, and physical changes, such as the decrease of the keratin regenerative capacity or vascular growing factors are the main causes, but there are other factors that contribute such as a deficient alimentation, stress or today’s busy life.

When our hair gets thinner it’s more easily damaged, especially when brushing or with chemical treatments, reason why it’s important to use collagen rich products to obtain more thickness and resistance.

Basic rules to look young through your hair

Loss of vitality, dryness and formless hair are key factors that make you seem older, at Milkandroses we propose a complete hair lifting to get rid of a few years.

What does Hair lifting entail?

  • Improve the brightness of your hair, one of the main signs of hair health.
  • Make a planning of periodical trimming. Ends should always look with a proper care; this is why it’s important to clean them up each two months. Not only does it help to improve the thickness and health of your hair, but it also makes the colour look better.
  • Change your haircut, colour and hairstyle towards anti-aging styles: use haircuts, colours and hairstyles to soften the signs of aging. It’s not about a radical change, but to improve your favourite haircut and hairstyle to obtain a hair lifting effect. For example, short or midi haircuts always make you seem younger but if you prefer long hair we can improve it by adding layers, with a fringe thinner towards the ends, or you can opt for a long bob. In colouring, lighter tonalities always soften your features, and if you have dark hair there are methods to nuance the tone, obtaining the same effect. And what about the hairstyle? Casual waves are always a good option.

And at home? We recommend other remedies to care of your hair:

  • Use gentle hair products completely natural, otherwise they will damage and dry your hair. Use shampoos and conditioners free of sulphates, alcohol and silicones, for example the ones from Leonor Greyl line.
  • It is better to comb your hair instead of brushing it, especially with damp hair. First detangle the lower half of your hair with the comb and advance towards the root.
  • Let it dry naturally, or towel dry it as if patting your hair. Do not tie it up nor rub it with the towel and avoid using the dryer because it makes it more dry and breakable. You’ll stimulate its growth if you let it dry naturally as frequently as possible.
  • Try to style your hair without heat; you can sometimes opt for the popular casual look, this way you won’t unnecessarily damage your hair.
  • Massage your scalp while you wash your hair, it will stimulate the blood circulation around the hair follicles.
  • Change your habits and life style: sleep more, eat more proteins and eat food rich in Omega 3 because they will improve the general state of your hair.

If you want more information, at Milkandroses we have a hairdressers’ team at your disposal that will inform you without any obligations about the best techniques of hair lifting in Marbella.

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