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Eyebrow design in Marbella


Make the most out of a good eyebrow design in Marbella

Eyebrows have always been the element most forgotten in our face. Sometimes we design them without taking notice of the importance of their form and it can result different to what we expected: excessively thin, separated or asymmetric eyebrows.

Almost all women have experienced at least once the drama of plucking out that one hair where we shouldn’t or plucking out too many of them creating a hairless area. To avoid these types of problems, don’t do it randomly and put yourself in the hands of a specialist. The first step is to let them grow approximately during three weeks and visit a beauty salon. In Milkandroses we have a team specialized in eyebrow design in Marbella.

What shape suits me the most?

In the 90’s extremely thin eyebrows were the latest trend, to the point to make them almost invisible. After this, angled eyebrows kick in and the later on, thick and full eyebrows. However, we recommend you not to follow trends and to get the most out of them with a good eyebrow design in Marbella that suits you.

Through the eyebrows we can make small eyes look bigger or put some distance if they’re close. But the first step to get a good look is to know your type of face. Sit facing the mirror and discover the type of eyebrow that will suit you better:

Round face: a structured brow with angled arches will add sharpness and definition to a soft, round face..

Long face: a soft angled brow with a low arch will make a long face look fuller.

Heart face: a shorter brow, thin and more rounded arch lightly plucked out in the outer ends makes the sharp features look less harsh.

Square face: a highlighted, accented arch will draw attention to the eyes and help soften the defined jaw.

Oval face: you are lucky! All types of eyebrows will look good on your face, specially rounded brows with a medium arch.

Strong and healthy brows with Revitalash

If you don’t have full eyebrows due to hair loss, you can use specialized products that will make the hair stronger and healthier, adding a strong nourishing and conditioning effect.

One of the most effective products is Revita Brow of the renowned brand Revitalash. Applying a small quantity of product we’ll protect the brow from external factors, condition them preventing breakage and fortifying them with antioxidant elements.

Small details for perfect brows

We have talked about the shape and products that will improve our brows’ health, but there are some other treatments and tips to make them look the best. At Milkandroses we do eyebrow design but we can also improve their look with an eyebrow tint, to create a perfect harmony among hair and brows.

Likewise, if you don’t have full brows you can use eyebrow pencils and shadows in brown or grease colours to make them seem fuller with a natural look. We also recommend brushing them to stimulate their growth and eliminating weakened hair. Also, we shouldn’t forget to nourish them after waxing or threading.

Turn to a professional whenever you can; even if our brows grow 0,06 millimeters each day during all our life, let little adventures for another day and don’t take a risk with your eyebrows. We await you in Milkandroses, where you’ll have plenty opportunities to improve their shape and to get the most out of them for a natural look.

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